The Beauty-Mind-Body Weight Loss Connection

Do you mentally beat yourself up when you go off your diet?Battering your self-esteem commonly leads to a further falling off the rails. Thinking: “I blew it, I’m disgusted by the rolls of fat, why don’t I just give up now,” can lead to a downward diet spiral as quickly as chocolate melts in your mouth.Negative thoughts have a way of snowballing, or should we say “butter-balling.”This type of resigned reaction could be a major factor to the obesity epidemic in America today.It might not even be at a conscious level.In fact, when you are feeling stuffed from a heavy first course, you might find yourself digging into dessert without even thinking about it. At a subconscious level, that fat feeling is driving you to keep up the figure sabotaging behavior.But what if you employed a little pre-emptive strategy of making yourself feel great before you eat. In fact, why not start at the beginning of your day?Instead of putting yourself together in the usual way, take a little extra effort to make sure you look and feel great as you leave the house.Some ‘Beauty-Mind-Body’ ideas to set your self-esteem meter up a notch to prepare for your day:• After your shower lovingly apply a favorite lotion to your skin.• Pat moisturizer on your face and blend in a delicate matter, the way beautiful models do in face cream commercials• Take time to fix your hair attractively• Apply a little eye makeup and blush to enhance your look• Notice any little wardrobe areas that need attention (lint, shoes that need polishing, stray threads, etc.)• Add a light fragrance that always boosts your mood• Pack some healthy snacksLook in the mirror and smile at the attractive front you are presenting to the world, and breathe in deeply as you recite some positive mantra to yourself.If you catch yourself frowning at any time during the day, replace it with a smile.What if the situation is frown-worthy? Tell yourself you have faith that you will handle it in the best possible manner. Be protective of your Beauty-Mind-Body state!By starting your day off on a positive note and maintaining it throughout your day, you will be sending powerful messages to your sub-conscious mind that you are a beautiful and worthy person.Some ideas to keep a positive spirit:• Listen to beautiful music or inspirational recordings during your commute and work breaks• Aim to have positive interactions with your associates• Rise above petty annoyances• See how many people you can make smile• Be kind and thoughtful, courteous and helpfulWhat other ways can you feed a Beauty-Mind-Body spirit?As you incorporate them more and more into your day, you will find that resisting unhealthy food choices becomes second nature.Before long, you will manifest the body you’ve dreamed of, and a more beautiful spirit to go with it!

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